The movement to empower healthcare employees is continuing to give Idahoans the freedom to say no to the shot. The deadline imposed by Saint Luke's, Saint Alphonsus, and Primary Health is less than a month away. The healthcare providers decreed that all workers and contractors will be vaccinated, or they will be terminated.  

The group of Take a Stand Now (TASN) met with Idaho Senate Pro Tem Chuck Winder (R-District 20) and Idaho Senator Jeff Agenbroad (R-District 13) this week. The senators have expressed public support in the past for healthcare workers but have been reluctant to endorse reconvening of the legislature.  

Earlier this year, Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin has publically called on Speaker of the House Scott Bedke to bring back the legislature. As of the time of this publication, Bedke has not moved on his reluctance to seek a solution. Take Stand Now shared what happened in a release.


Boise Hospital Workers Prostesters

Thousands gather at Saint Alphonsus in Boise

 "We had a productive and open dialogue about the issue at hand and agreed we had to have a firm commitment from both the Idaho Senate and House to reconvene on this specific legislation," TASN spokesperson Victoria Stump said.

Stump said both Winder and Agenbroad were actively engaged in conversations with hospital administrators on behalf of their constituents "to find a compromise that will serve their districts, and the healthcare and staffing crisis that already exists with the state of Idaho."

 Senator Winder has agreed to give the hospital leadership another "nudge" and Stump said they will hold the Senate leader and others accountable to their constituents with an ongoing information effort until the issue is resolved.


Nampa Workers Protest Photos

Nampa Hospital Workers Protest the Vax Mandate

"The Senators agreed to collaborate with us on a proposal to present to both Houses to reconvene and we encourage the public to continue to engage with their elected members of the Idaho Legislature," Stump added.

Nampa Patriots Continue to Protest the Vax Mandate

Nurses and healthcare workers as the public to help them stop the vax mandate from local hospitals.

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