The Interfaith Sanctuary is one of the most beloved institutions in the Treasure Valley. We see their facility every morning when right before we enter the city coming in on the connector. Like just about everyone in Idaho, the Interfaith Sanctuary wants to move to a new location. However, a lot of residents say they do not wish to the shelter in their neighborhood. The Idaho Statesman reports that residents surrounding the proposed new location voiced their opposition in a recent town hall meeting.

The new location is the old Salvation Army Thrift Store on State Street. Almost three hundred people showed up at the meeting to express their disapproval of the move.

From the Statesman article:

"This may sound heartless, but I don't want to welcome you to my neighborhood," Atanacio Ciluaga told Peterson.
More than 280 people were online in the meeting at one point. Opponents expressed concerns about sex offenders (Peterson responded that people with sexual offenses are not allowed to stay at Interfaith Sanctuary), drugs, and alcohol that they worried guests at the shelter may bring into the neighborhood.

So much for giving someone a hand up and not a handout. The Interfaith Sanctuary was the source of Boise Police forcibly removing a homeless encampment years ago. Idahoans have a right to voice their opinions on whether they will welcome new folks to their neighborhood. Boise Mayor Lauren McLean has vowed to make affordable housing a reality during her time in office. No word from the mayor's office at the time of this publication.

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