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We've heard about rain, rain, rain in the forecast for days upon days, it seems. After the summer of no rain, we're all ready to get wait and start the process of refilling Idaho's aquifers.

There is a downside to rain in Idaho; most folks don't know how to drive in wet weather, and before you know it, boom, there's a car accident. Auto body repair shops will see a rise in local business after a weekend of wet weather. In the winter following a snowfall, auto body folks call it 'white gold' because many cars need repairs after car accidents.  

Unlike our area, forecasters are predicting a possible record heavy snowfall in Idaho's mountains. How big? How large? Accuweather is calling the mountain forecast a 'bomb cyclone' reports the Intermountain News.  What is a bomb cyclone? NBC News defines a bomb cyclone  "A bomb cyclone is simply a storm that intensifies very rapidly. Bomb cyclones form when air near Earth’s surface rises quickly in the atmosphere, triggering a sudden drop in barometric pressure — at least 24 millibars within 24 hours."    


According to the Intermountain News from Accuweather, snowfall in the Wood River Valley could be more than two feet. From the Intermountain News directly:   "According to commercial weather forecasting service Accuweather, this particular east-tracking storm from the Pacific is classified as an “atmospheric river,” or a fast-moving band of warm water vapor from the tropics. It could rival the intensity of Atlantic hurricanes, according to AccuWeather Meteorologist Randy Adkins."

The descriptions above are disturbing? Have we ever heard of an atmospheric rive or some weather element rivaling an Atlantic Hurricane in Idaho's mountains? The severe mountain weather is good news for ski resorts that have elevations starting at 7,000 feet.    

Folks in California will welcome the news that this big storm will end the western wildlife season, reports Accuweather. If you are thinking about visiting the mountains, you can view the forecast here. It's October in Idaho time to pick up your umbrella and skis.

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