Idaho is a red state.  Idaho is a hot red state.  Apparently being in the national red zone hasn't stopped tourists from descending upon the Gem State.  The more people that visit Idaho results in more people on the roads and the state's gas pricing going up to meet the increased demand.

AAA Idaho reports that more people are visiting the Gem State while looking to stay safe during these COVID times.  According to the Idaho Transportation Department, record numbers of travelers are using Idaho’s backroads in recent weeks, including Idaho Highways 21 and 55.  Anecdotally, AAA has learned that campgrounds are also very busy, and even walk-in camping sites are getting hard to find.

Across the country, fuel demand reached 8.8 million barrels per day last week, about three percent higher than the previous week, but eight percent less than last year.  Current demand is at its highest level since the pandemic started.

The pain at the pump is still 48 cents lower than it was a year ago.  For more details on traveling during the COVID, you can visit


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