Ebola continues to scare the world, a congressman confronts illegals and a local sheriff tells his citizens to 'arm themselves.'   These stories and more in today's Kevin Miller Hotlist.

What happens when illegal immigrants confront Congressman Steve King of Iowa?   Here's the one word description, fireworks from You Tube.

A local North Carolina Sheriff tells local citizens to arm themselves.  The reaction and the details from The Blaze.

Ben Carson details the war on Christianity from the Washington Times.

It happens every year in the West, massive forest fires.  Every year the government runs out of money to fight fires.  Has the government ever figured out how to correctly budget for these fires?  The details on fire funds from The Washington Examiner.

The Center for Disease Control will not disclose where in the United States they are testing possible victims says Breitbart.

European Scientists are celebrating their spacecraft pulling up along side a comet in space.  This has been a ten year undertaking from The New York Times.

Pope Francis urges young people not to spend their time on smart phones and the internet reports The Telegraph.

One governor says that the president is forcing her state to take care of illegal children at the expense of American kids says the Daily Signal.

First Lady Michelle Obama says women are smarter than men from Politico.

One Hollywood star is defending Donald Sterling.  Find out who from Yahoo.