The following is an observation of the current state of how the national political powers view the state of Idaho. Once again, former President Donald Trump traveled way out west. The president campaigned in Nevada for the Republican slate who are running against the Democrats.

Not to be outdone by his Republican rival, President Joe Biden is traveling way out west this week. The president will be visiting Colorado, California, and Oregon. Just like the former president, he will not be visiting our state. (Many will be happy not to see the president visiting the Gem State.)

Why both political parties diss Idaho?

The Democrats avoid Idaho because they have no legitimate candidate that warrants a presidential visit. The Democratic ticket is so weak that most experts believe Governor Little has successfully taken all significant issues off the table. Would President Biden come in to support Boise Mayor Lauren McLean? Perhaps, but she's not running for reelection during this cycle. (Editors note, President Biden has visited Idaho as president.)

The Republicans are at the other extreme of the political spectrum. The former president hasn't visited our state, one of the only states he hasn't visited as a candidate or president. He endorsed Lieutenant Governor McGeachin during the May primary but failed to support her during her race against Governor Brad Little.

National Republicans see no benefit in visiting Idaho due to the dominance of the state's Republican Party. However, Idaho has been one of most loyal states to the former president. Why not pay back the voters with a visit?

It may be naïve, however politicians pledge that they want to serve the public.  Why not show the public with a visit instead of flyover promises.

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