Idaho is the least vaccinated state in the union, according to most national reports. Idahoans continue to question the need for mandatory vaccinations verbally. The hospitals are overflowing with Covid infections. All of the above facts are true, but what if anything has to do with Auburn's Head Football Coach Bryan Harsin?  

Harsin is now under fire for not revealing his vaccination status. He was asked about it recently and refused to say whether or not he had been vaccinated. reports that Harsin declined to show his vaccination when the media asked him for it.


Auburn University decreed that all employees have to be vaccinated by December 8th. shared Harsin's quote on the subject: "I'm aware of the new policy," Harsin said. "I appreciate you have to ask the question and understand it, but it doesn't change -- I mean, the executive order, all those things, it doesn't change the fact I'm not going to discuss any individual's decision or status on the vaccine or anyone else's, including my own, like I said before."

Washington State University fired their head football coaches and four assistants because they refused Governor Inslee's executive order demanding that state employees be vaccinated.   

Is Harsin Vaccinated?

No one knows at the time of this publication. However, it could be that Harsin is vaccinated and refuses to reveal that he has taken the shot. Those veteran Harsin-watchers would not be surprised that on December 8th, Auburn's vaccination deadline, that the coach shows up with his vaccination card.  




Harsin's on field challenges

Most experts agree that Coach Harsin has exceeded expectations for his first season by going 5-2. However, the real meat of the schedule is the remaining games against Ole Miss, Texas A&M, Mississippi State, South Carolina, and Alabama.  If Harsin finishes with eight or more wins, he'll have quieted all the doubters that questioned his hiring from Boise State.

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