Supporters of Boise State Wrestling will hold a rally at the Idaho Board of Education Building from 12pm-1pm  The location is 650 W. State Street.  Here's why you don't have to be a wrestler or an athlete to attend.
How many times in our life do we have a chance to make a difference? Most of us accept things as they are and are taught never to rock the boat. There have been numerous best-selling books written about accepting change. We may gripe, but most of us just accept change as permanent. Years later we wonder, 'whatever happened to such and such? Boy, I wish someone had tried to make a difference.
The current BSU Wrestling Family, alumni, and supporters of Idaho wrestling need your help. They are fighting to maintain public awareness in their program that was casually dismissed by the administration at Boise State.
Saturday's rally is important because it keeps the issue in the forefront and will bring media attention to the cause. The easy road would be for the wrestling supporters to accept Dr. Kustra's decree and move on with their lives. They'd tell their kids and grandkids to prepare to wrestle for Wyoming or another state if they wanted the challenge of wrestling in division one.
Wrestlers are tough competitors and never take the easy way out. How many of us could diet, cut weight, and intensely train to pin our opponent? I'd say not many. Then why would we not support their passion keeping division one wrestling in the state of Idaho?
Attending the rally, supporting the Save Boise Facebook, and even sharing this post does three things.
It keeps the issue in the public's eye and draws media attention. With that attention, state lawmakers, that fund Boise State, will consider bringing back the program or an examination of the decision to eliminate wrestling.
The proper oversight could cause Dr. Kustra and Mr. Apsy to reconsider their move. Do they need elected legislators calling them before the legislature to explain what goes on at Boise State?
Saturday's rally is a teaching moment for all us. The lesson is that it's not over until we say it's over!

The below video emphasizes my point. 

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