For years the Boise State Broncos were a thorn in the cartel that runs college football. We all marvel at how a team could continue to beat the big money odds that have faced all those who dare take on the Power 5 Big Boys. Fans throughout the Treasure Valley and the country have become spoiled by the Broncos stealing wins, and the spotlight.
However, times have changed in recent years. Louisiana Monroe and Troy University have replaced Georgia and Virginia Tech. These teams are hardly household names. Fans longed for the days of when Oregon, Oregon State, Washington and others visited the Blue and left with a loss.

Sure, it was great to see the Broncos deliver a loss to Florida State, but there's a big difference between the Bobby Bowden / Jim Bo Fisher Seminoles and the Willie Taggart Noles. Critics had begun to turn their attention to the self-proclaimed 'National Champions' of a few years back, the Knights of Central Florida (UCF). Sports experts speculated that UCF could be the first Group of Five teams to make the College Football Playoff. (That was until they lost to Pittsburgh last week.)
Now the College Football World will have a chance to see the new kid (UCF) against the OG (BSU) in a home and home series. This move is the first example of sanity that we've seen in college football since the end of the BCS. Both programs have proven their success against the top teams; now we'll see how is the better team that should be in the Power 5.
Both teams athletic departments deserve a tremendous amount of credit for this series. Thankfully we don't have to wait five years for it to happen.

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