Idaho has a world-class irrigation system. I can remember our friend Senator Jim Risch telling a media personality the history of our state's irrigation system in the CNN Green Room in Washington DC. Who would've ever thought that the same system that keeps our farmers farming and our grass green has reached its limit.

We're hearing from various subdivisions around the Treasure Valley that their irrigation water may be turned off early this year. How early? Some residents are worried that their water will be turned off next week. HOAs and subdivisions have been directing homeowners to conserve their water. Such directions are water their lawns every other day or every third day. Some Idahoans adhere to the guidelines, while others continue to water their lawns.

National Forest Service
National Forest Service

The City of Caldwell announced that irrigation would be shut off early this year. Caldwell is trying to conserve the remaining water reserves to 70% to keep enough water in the system for farmers to maintain their crops for harvest.

As we've covered in the past, whether it's growth or drought, we are in a water crisis right now. The usual shutoff date is in the Fall, but the City says that could change depending on conditions. Additional reductions may be necessary, and the shutoff date is subject to change.

So you're thinking, what's the big deal? I'll just use my drinking water for my lawn. Not so fast, my friend, Caldwell, will fine you for using indoor water for outdoor use. Here are the details from their release:

The City of Caldwell will not allow any potable/domestic water to be used for irrigation purposes. Persons/companies found utilizing the potable water system for purposes outside of domestic uses may be subject to fines and penalties. Caldwell Citizens showed an immediate response to early pleas for preserving drinking/potable water, as evidenced by a beneficial reduction in overall potable pumping despite the heatwave. Sincere thanks! It is plain to see that our community cares!

Caldwell will not be the first Treasure Valley city to issue such restrictions. It looks like it's going to be a long hot Summer for all of us, including our crops and lawns.

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