California has decided that going to states that disagree with them is cause for their state government to ban travel to states deemed deplorable.

California is banning state-funded trips to Idaho, and other states disagree with their stance on the LGBTQ, reports Politico.  

The ban on the Gem State and now seventeen other states is a state law Assembly Bill 1887 that prohibits state funds for travel to states that discriminate against the LGBTQ.  

California Attorney General Rob Bonta said in a press conference picked up by Politico the reason for the continued ban on travel to states like Idaho:

"Unfortunately we are seeing a rash of new laws, put on the books in different states" that aim to restrict transgender youth from participating on sports teams or from using bathrooms of their choice, Bonta noted. Such laws are "not consistent with our values," Bonta said, "and we will not spend our state money to send state employees to those states."

Idaho was the first state to pass a law protecting female athletes from competing against biological males. Other states, including the state of Florida, have followed Idaho's example. If California has banned travel to Idaho, how do sports teams, businesses, and other agencies do business in Idaho?  


Sports teams use private funds to travel out of state, and there are exemptions for legal and public health concerns.  Wouldn't it be nice if California did decide to prohibit travel to Idaho?  California could lose up to a billion dollars in tax revenue due to so many people leaving the state, reports the North Bay Business Journal.


Didn't California recently propose that they tax their former residents who've left the state?  It's now wonder why so many folks have decided to leave California for Idaho and other Conservative states.  If only they'd change their license plates once they move here?  Is that asking too much?

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