The Office of the California Governor has mandated that citizens wear a mask while eating out at California restaurants.  We're not kidding, California Governor Gavin Newsome has told Californians to wear your mask in between bites of food.  You can see the tweet below.

Is it a surprise that more people are leaving California than arriving in the Golden State?   Can you really eat and drink safely while wearing a mask?  The CDC says no reports NY1.  Idaho and other states across the country continue to see massive amounts of people moving in from California.

However, California might not be the state with the most outrageous mask mandate.  Fox News reports that honor goes to the nation of Canada.  'Meanwhile, Canada’s top doctor last month suggested people wear a mask during sex to protect themselves from the virus, and also avoid kissing.'

Good luck with that suggestion whether you live in San Fransisco or Los Angeles.  No word on whether or not California Governor Gavin Newsome will tweet that mandate.

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