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Fast food is everywhere!  Unless you're committed to nutrition and fitness, there's a chance that you consume fast food.  Why do we love the food that contains so much fat, sodium, and sugar?  Is it the convenience?  The advertising?  Or obviously the taste?  Have you ever wonder, well how bad can the fast food that I'm eating really be?  Sure, it's not the best thin for us, but I'll eventually kick the habit and start eating clean.  Oh how I can relate to those thoughts!

We'd like to give you some encouragement to ditch the fast foods courtesy of Consumer Reports.   The site reports that big chains like McDonald's and Olive Garden are under pressure to make their food healthier. The writers report that fast food operators are looking at ways to limit sugar, sodium, and fats.  They've shared six tips on how to eat healthier while dining out.

6 Habits for Healthier Meals

Here are some strategies to help you dodge menu minefields.

Plan ahead for your order. Look at the full nutritional info online and use that to guide your choices.

Order what you love—but get it healthier. Ask to have your favorite fish dish steamed or broiled rather than fried, and request sauce on the side.

Be realistic about your willpower. It’s smarter to not get the fries at all than to try eating just a few.

Skip soft drinks. They contain a lot of sugar or sugar substitutes, neither of which offer any nutrition. Instead, try water, seltzer, or unsweetened tea.

Don’t add salt. “Restaurant foods—even a plain grilled chicken breast—are often already high in sodium,”  Amy Keating, R.D., a Consumer Reports nutritionist, says. Condiments like ketchup, soy sauce, salad dressings, and barbecue sauce are also salty, so use them sparingly.

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