We've all talked about it, whether on the air or at the dinner table, the move away from morality in America today.  If you watch television or are online, it's not a good time to be a religious person.  Christians and others are portrayed in unflattering profiles, while immorality is elevated.  So what's the cure?

Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen believes that church attendance should be mandatory.  Could we see a bill in Arizona, home to a lot interesting proposals, legislating that its citizen are required to attend a religious service?  Perhaps one of our God fearing Idaho politicians will propose such legislation?

I don't think we have to worry about that happening anytime in the future.  However when I attend church and pray, it reinforces that there are other priorities in my life besides the secular world.  I believe the senator was trying to make the point that we could all use more God in our lives.  In addition we should focus more on giving than getting.  Now that's a message for both the pulpit and the politicians.

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