We live in crazy times.  It's hard to believe in a state that legalized weed, is looking to legalize the mushrooms, and wants 16 year olds to vote can get any crazier.  However, life in Oregon just got crazier with the announcement that the movie Kindergarten Cop will not be allowed to be shown because the police are traumatizing the children.  The movie is 30 years old and is a comedy.

The Arnold Schwarzenegger film has been compared to Gone with the Wind and Birth of A Nation reports Fox News.  Gone with the Wind was recently pulled and then put back into rotation after a disclaimer was inserted to explain concerns over race stereotypes.   Birth of A Nation depicts the KKK in a positive light.  You can read more about it here.

Here's a scene from Kindergarten Cop.

Let's hope someone in Oregon comes to their senses and let's everyone enjoy Kindergarten Cop.

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