Families that want to remain drug free will have a challenging weekend in the Treasure Valley as dueling hempfests surround our area.The Fourth Annual Boise Hempfest will be lighting up at Julia Davis Park from 10am-10pm.  The promoters promise over 80 vendors plus groups looking for signatures to put medical marijuana on the ballot in the upcoming election season.

Courtesy of Boise Hempfest

The event will be family friendly and educational to the public.  Groups such as Idaho Cannabis Coalition, Legalize Idaho and others will be hosting booths.  Currently the state of Idaho outlaws the growing and transporting of hemp.

The Idaho Legislature considering a bill that would legalize hemp, but the two houses couldn't come up with an agreement before the session expired.  A Portland truck driver recently plead not guilty to transporting over 6,700 pounds of marijuana through the Gem State.

courtesy of boise hempfest

The Boise event will feature an Easter Egg hunt along with the Easter Bunny.  The press release from the group states the following:

Idaho native Idaho native Chef Sebastian is coming from Seattle, WA to provide several cooking demonstrations through out the day on how to (hypothetically) infuse foods with Cannabis products. (No Cannabis or CBD products will be used publicly) There will be plenty of education, including on the nutritional aspects of Cannabis, and why Cannabis isn't just about getting "high".


Those in the Western Valley will have to deal with more pro hemp folks.  The Idaho Statesman reports :The first Eastern Oregon Cannabis Festival will run from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. at the Malheur County Fairgrounds, 795 N.W. 9th St. in Ontario. It’s for adults only who are 21 or older. Cost is $5.