Despite the very recent rain that our area experienced, local leaders in Canyon County call for Idahoans to pray from rain Sunday, October 10th.

The call for action includes the mayor of Caldwell, a Canyon County commissioner, and pastors. The organizers are calling for a day of unity, prayer, and fasting in hopes of a really wet winter season. The leaders say in their letter that another few years like the drought we had this summer would threaten the state's agribusiness.  

October 10th has been declared a Day of Prayer and Fasting for Drought Relief by proclamation signed by the mayor of Caldwell and the board of the Canyon County Commissioners. The hope is that the day of prayer and fasting will accomplish what Idaho needs, lots of water and snow-pack.  

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Here are the three items they'd like you to pray for tomorrow.  

  1. Refreshing rain and snowfall upon the fields and mountain.
  2. Rainfall and snow-pack in abundance over the entire watershed.
  3. Waterfall to aid communities and help the farms take care of their animals.  

The organizers say in a press release they encourage folks to skip a meal and that every prayer will contribute to the 'unified request to the heavenly father.' You can read the entire release here and see who joined the politicians asking for your prayers and fasting.  

This year's weather was devastating for Idaho farmers, ranchers, and every Idahoan. Summer began with sweltering triple digits temperatures that led to some municipalities and HOAs limiting the amount of irrigation water released to local neighborhoods. Please consider saying a prayer to end the drought on Sunday.  

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