Idaho is a one of America's fastest growing states.  We see that daily with new subdivisions being built.  If you're looking for a new career or one with a future, then check out the fastest growing Gem State Jobs here.  Our state is an eclectic mix of mountains, valleys, and desserts.  It's only fitting that the hottest careers mirror that eclectic nature according to  Zippia.

Here are the hottest careers for growth in Idaho.

1. Web Developers

2. Hair Dressers, Hair Stylists, and Cosmetologists

3. Home Health Aides

4. Software Developers, Applications

5. Nonfarm Animal Caretakers

6. Self Enrichment Education Teachers

7. Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists

8. Dry Wall and Ceiling and Tile Installers

9. Real Estate Sales Agents

10. Agriculture Equipment Operators

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