It's that special time of year again, here in the Gem State. Let's face it; we don't have tornadoes or hurricanes, but we do have an unfortunate season that impacts most of us. Welcome to Summer and welcome to chip sealing season!
So as I was driving down Star Road yesterday, and being pelted rocks, I was thinking; there has to be a better way to pave the hundreds of miles of roads chip sealed in Ada and Canyon Counties every Summer.
Plus, how does one avoid the cracked windshield that is a windfall for the auto glass repair industry? Preparation and common sense. It's easier said than done. However, here we go with a few tips.
Listen to the radio traffic reports. I know, they sound the same, however, when there is a major chip sealing project, most traffic reports will let you know. There's always the websites for Idaho Transportation Department, ACHD, and Canyon County.
The piece of advice is to drive slow and keep as much distance between yourself and the vehicles around you. I couldn't believe I saw a Dodge Charger pass me the other day going over 50mph on a chip sealed road. The rocks were flying everywhere. I was fortunate that I kept my distance.

It's all about preparation and planning.  If you can avoid the roads that are being worked, do it.  If you're caught on a road seek alternate routes.  I hope these simple tips will help you miss the yearly appointment with the auto glass repair folks.


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