The SEC is one of the toughest conferences in college football. The SEC West is the most challenging division in all collegiate sports. The division has three coaches who've won national titles and is the home of Alabama's Nick Saban. Former Boise State Head Coach Bryan Harsin is finding out just how difficult succeeding in the SEC West can be at any time.  

Harsin was considered a coach of the year candidate three weeks ago, but after losing the last three games, many of the Auburn faithful are beginning to turn on their new coach.  John Talty of put's it this way in a scalding assessment of the first year of the Harsin Administration.  

"Harsin won't be fired this season because of a South Carolina loss, but the latest loss elevates the question: Was it all worth it? Auburn paid Malzahn a staggering sum of nearly $21.5 million to leave after a 6-4 record in a 10-game SEC-only schedule."

Auburn Athletic Director Allen Greene made the gutsy move to hire Harsin from Boise State instead of a known coach with SEC experience. The university paid their former coach over 20 million dollars to walk away. Football games in the SEC are as much about wins and losses as they care about profits and losses. Harsin can turn the tide by beating the Tide this Saturday in the Iron Bowl.    

Speaking of Greene, was it a good idea for the AD to taunt fans for his decision not to listen to the big money booster who can make or break a program? There's a reason why so many coaches cannot make it in the SEC; it just means more.

Bryan Harsin must now prove Greene right by doing what he failed to do on the field, win the recruiting battle. The SEC West is made up of five-star recruits. Regardless of the coaching scheme, without the five stars to execute the plan, Harsin could be an unemployed millionaire. Not a bad gig; ask former Florida Football Coach Dan Mullin.  

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