Toilet paper continued to be one of the most sought after and talked about topics in our area. It's not unusual for folks to call in every morning with a report on where someone can get the much-needed commodity.
This weekend, I visited my local Fred Meyer store and found that the store did have a good supply of tp. Knowing that Mrs. Miller continues to ask and provide toilet paper to our friends, family, and neighbors, I decided to stock up. Unfortunately, customers are limited to one package of toilet paper per purchase.
Always the compliant type, I bought my rolls and went to my car, where I dropped off the package. I then went in to buy just one more bag of tp. I wasn't surprised when a gruff-looking guy in a stocking cap unloaded his entire cart and went back for seconds. As I was checking out, one of the folks at the store told me I had exceeded my limit.
My time at the check out was a pivotal moment in my relationship with my local store. Do I crank up the fake outrage than Sammy stocking cap is getting away with a much bigger transaction at the expense of the store policy? Nope, I thanked the lady and apologized for my oversight. That was the right thing to do, I was wrong, and I'm hoping most people will do the same if in the same position.

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