Congressman Russ Fulcher stopped by the KIDO Talk Radio studio Friday morning to speak with Kevin Miller now that the government shutdown is over.  The Congressman took calls during his second visit home since taking office earlier this year.Kevin Miller asked the Congressman his thoughts on being in Washington.  Congressman Fulcher stated that he was very happy with his staff.  He shared that the Idaho Congressional Delegation meets regularly and there's good communication between all parties.

Congressman Fulcher told Kevin Miller he's looking forward to the State of the Union.  He shared how special it is for him to represent the people of Idaho.  He continued by saying how few people have served in Congress.

Congressman Fulcher has been appointed to the House Resource Committee and the House Education and Labor Committee.  He said he hopes to work to improve education and eventually get the federal government out of education.

Several folks called to ask Congressman Fulcher questions ranging from whether he supports a convention of states to whether he supports the president's quest to build a wall to protect America.

He did reveal that he will be traveling to the border to see the crisis firsthand.  If you missed the interview or would like to hear what Congressman Russ Fulcher had to say, you can hear the entire interview here.  It begins at 21:00


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