Firebrand Conservative Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan and Idaho Republican First Congressional Candidate Russ Fulcher.  Both joined Kevin Miller during the KIDO Talk Radio Morning Show.Congressman Jordan told Kevin Miller that he believes the Republicans will defy history and keep the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives.  He told Kevin Miller what happens if the Democrats win the House.  "They'll spend the next two years investigating the first family," Jordan said.  " They can't help themselves. You think Maxine Waters is not going to support impeachment?  It's going to happen."

Russ Fulcher added "I think there's an incredible opportunity right now."  He continued, "We've got a president who's open to new ideas.  We've got some new infusion of blood coming to Congress.  I'm optimistic about keeping the House."

Congressman Jordan who appears frequently shared the need for Idahoans to elect Russ Fulcher.  "Russ is going to fight for the things that people here care about."  He expanded on his support for Russ.  "He's conservative, this job is simple, you tell the voters what you're going to do and Russ is that kind of guy."

You can hear the entire interview here.  The interview starts at 7:50.


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