Congressman Russ Fulcher joined Kevin Miller Thursday morning to update the Treasure Valley on what's happening in Washington DC. 

As the entire world was tuned into the Michael Cohen hearings, Congressman Fulcher was working on his own responsibilities. He revealed that he's spoken to Congressman Medows, but not Congressman Jordan. Both congressmen are members of the House Oversight Committee. Congressman Fulcher did give his take on the Cohen hearings.

"The chairman of that Oversite Committee, in my opinion, was trying to facilitate a 'circus show' and deliberately brought in someone who has confessed to lying to Congress already." Fulcher continued, "If you have an individual who has already admitted that they've lied to Congress, what would be the positive purpose of it?"

The National Emergency continues to be debated in the halls of Congress and throughout the country. Congressman Fulcher shared what's being discussed in Washington DC, "In regard to a National Emergency, there is no question that a president has the legal authority to do it. They don't have the ability to appropriate funds, but they can reshuffle those funds. They can't appropriate one dime, but they can appropriate the money that has been appropriated by Congress and move it, Fulcher said.

The congressman reminded Idahoans that his goal is to be their eyes and ears in Washington DC. You can hear the entire interview here beginning at 25:33


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