Charlie Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA, is coming to Eagle, Idaho to help Idaho Conservatives.  Mr. Kirk who has appeared on Fox News defending the president will be speaking at Freedom Stand 2020.  The event is being sponsored by Eagle Conservatives and ConservativeOF Pac and the Ada County Republicans.

Recently, Idaho Conservatives have begun to organize and rally due to the growing influx of progressives moving into the Gem State from California, Oregon, and Washington.  Pastor Rob McCoy will join Mr. Kirk as the Keynote speakers in Eagle on September 26th.

Rob McCoy is the Senior Pastor at Calvary Chapel Godspeak Church in Newbury Park, California. He is at the epicenter of religious liberty battles as he continues to open his church’s doors in violation of local heath department regulations.

FreedomStand 2020 will be held outdoors on Saturday, September 26, 2020 at 3PM (gates open at 2PM) at 3633 W. Floating Feather Road, in Eagle Idaho.  You can find more information

Faith is very important to Mr. Kirk.  He recently disclosed in an interview covered by Faithwire.  He shared his thoughts on how he lives his life for Christ.  “It’s almost a gift that grows sweeter with time. The more I read, the more I live, and the more it actually — I’m completely able to admit I’m a total, absolute sinner and I fall short from the grace of God.”

Mr. Kirk is a staunch defender of President Trump.  During the Democratic Convention, he called the president the defender of Western Civilization reports USA Today.   Mr. Kirk's contributions is covered by the publication.  He formed close relationships with Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka.

The young man is no stranger to Idaho Politics.  In 2018, he appeared in the Gem State along with fellow Conservative Candace Owens endorse the gubernatorial campaign of Dr. Tommy Ahlquist.   The Spokesman Review, along with other outlets, covered the announcement.

"It is an honor to kick off our first ever FreedomStand 2020 Event with such high caliber speakers coming to the Treasure Valley, said Winston Sanders, Founding Member of ConservativesOf PAC in Eagle, Idaho, in a press release covered by the Idaho Dispatch. Now more than ever, Freedom is under assault. Suppression of speech, social tyranny, and intolerance of ideas are paving the way for silencing of Conservative values. We must stand together in preserving and safeguarding these cherished First Amendment freedoms enshrouded in our Constitution. FreedomStand is where we exchange ideas and contend for these values in the public square Sanders said.”

You can watch Pastor McCoy and Charlie Kirk in the video below.

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