The Washington Post is at it again; apparently, Jeff Bezos buying the Washington Commanders isn't enough to keep their attention. The Post has written a story detailing how Idaho is becoming America's first Christian state.

The story begins with coverage of Congresswoman Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene speaking before the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee; you can read our coverage of her appearance here. As one can expect when you have a Conservative speaking in Idaho there's a lot of red meat in her speech and comments. However, it's just a speech before a select group of Republicans.

“If we put God back in Idaho, then God will always protect Idaho.”

The quote is from Tim Remington, described by the Washington Post as a 'one-time Idaho state representative.' The publication didn't reveal that Mr. Remington is a pastor who was shot walking to his car. He heroically returned to his church after only 13 weeks. Most folks thought that Pastor Remington would not survive the shooting.

North Idaho has long been known for its hyperlibertarians, apocalyptic “preppers” and white supremacist groups who have retreated to the region’s sweeping frozen lakes and wild forests to await the collapse of American society, when they’ll assert control over what remains.

The article then describes the Redoubt movement, prevalent in parts of Idaho, Montana, and Washington. They interview Chris Walsh, the Idaho real estate agent who markets only to Conservatives. You can read our story on other folks marketing to out-of-state Conservatives here. 

The issue of Conservatives moving to Idaho is not a new one. The LA Times to Vice Television have well-documented Idaho's popularity.

The article's point is that the folks in Northern Idaho are people of Christian faith and our patriots. Like most folks who move to our great state, they want freedom and limited government. Is that illegal in America today? Someone should tell the Washington Post that Idaho is the state that reminds the country of how things used to be and could be again.

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