It's officially April, and Idahoans are eager to embrace the outdoors again. With the better, warmer weather, exploring new destinations in Idaho becomes a popular thing to do around this time of the year, especially after enduring a prolonged winter period.

Speaking of good places to travel to in April, there's a city in Idaho that was just ranked one of the world's top 10 places to visit during the month of April. What city is this and why does it stand out as the perfect destination for an April getaway?

The Points Guy created a worldwide list of the 10 best places to visit in April... and Idaho’s Coeur d’Alene made it on the list!

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Photo by Jason Buscema on Unsplash
Photo by Jason Buscema on Unsplash

Considering there are so many destinations worldwide to choose from, earning a place in the top 8 is impressive to say the least — that's just a testament as to how amazing Coeur d'Alene actually is, especially this time of year.

While the list doesn't seem to be ranked in any particular order, it's worth noting that Coeur d'Alene claimed the second spot. This acknowledgment solidifies Idaho as home to one of the premier April destinations in the world.

So, what makes Coeur d’Alene stand out? According to The Points Guy, it's the perfect blend of outdoor adventure and urban charm. The picturesque lake town offers something for every outdoor enthusiast, whether it's hiking or biking along the scenic 23-mile North Idaho Centennial Trail or embarking on thrilling whitewater rafting and fishing expeditions with outfitters like Coeur d’Alene Adventures.

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