Controversial Pro Pot Rapper Snoop Dogg visited Ontario, Oregon this weekend as part of a grand opening of the newest pot store.  Here's what you won't read in the happy press about his visit. The Dogg's appearance comes just a day after officials at the University of Kansas had to apologize for the marijuana mogul's appearance at the school's midnight madness event.  ( Editor's Note, the Jayhawk athletic department should've known better.)

They're still talking about the 47 year old's 'show' and the reviews aren't the good ones.  The University of Kansas issued a direct apology to all the Kansas fans for his performance.  Jeff Long, Kansas Athletic Director, said he expected a 'clean version of the show.'  You can read his statement here thanks to Fox4 Kansas City.

School officials and fans were not pleased that featured multiple women dancing on poles and a 'money gun' to make is rain did not reflect Kansas Family Values.  No word from the Jayhawk State if there will be actions against the administration for bringing in Snoop and his pound.

The fallout in Kansas did not stop thousands from seeing Snoop and his crew Sunday in Ontario, Oregon.  The rapper was on hand to promote the opening of another marijuana dispensary.  No word on whether or not the pole dancers or money gun appeared in the Oregon show.  For more details you can click here.


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