The battle over the raging immigration crisis continues to be ignored by both political parties.  Let's face it, we're close enough to the 2020 Election Cycle that chances are that nothing will be accomplished until a new Congress and the next presidential election will be decided.  While recent immigration reports have focused on statistics on the US-Mexico border - more than 423,000 illegal or attempted illegal crossings in FY2019 - there was another number reported Friday.

Each year, nearly 100,000 undocumented immigrants graduate from US high schools.  According to the report, 44% of those graduates are from California and Texas. The latest estimate, based on census data, by the nonpartisan Migration Policy Institute is much greater than the 65,000 previously reported for the past 20 years, the Washington Post reports.

Recent electronic and published reports continue to say that the Border Patrol is overwhelmed with the numbers of illegals storming the border.  Although under reported, the cost of educating undocumented/illegals is stressing the local school districts across the country.  Schools aren't the only institutions that are feeling the strains of undocumented/illegals living in their communities.  Hospitals and providers continue to pass on the cost of treating these folks without coverage to American Citizens with health insurance.

Several top Democratic Presidential Candidates have stated, like many others, that they seek an end to the immigration crisis.  Recently President Trump declared a national emergency on the border.


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