The historic Idaho Legislature continues its marathon session as April will soon translate into May. Senator Christy Zito told us this week that the legislature should not adjourn until the dispute over Governor Little's use of emergency powers is decided. A new report says the Gem State could run out of money if the legislature does not adjourn soon.

The Idaho Press reports that a group called the Committee to Protect and Preserve the Idaho Constitution wrote a letter to the governor stating that the legislature must end for specific financial funding to take place. Most of the time, we hear this opinion from Democrats in Washington DC, not Republicans in Boise, Idaho.

The committee says the intent was to ensure that the Gem State has a part-time legislature. It is too early to get an opinion from the Idaho Attorney General over whether this group has constitutional validity.

The current session was one of the most anticipated in recent years. Legislators have promised their voters that they would pass legislation to limit the governor's emergency powers. The state is still under a state of emergency due to the Covid Pandemic. Both Houses passed legislation that would've limited the governor's powers.

Governor Little responded by vetoing the bill, and his veto was upheld as five Republicans flipped their votes to support the governor. The legislature did pass bills that will fund their offices.

Efforts to reform the state's property tax have seemed to have lost momentum as the session continues. Suppose there is no movement to effectively limit the governor's powers, reform property taxes, and other pertinent issues. In that case, legislators will have nothing to show for their efforts as they seek reelection.

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