We all know the old saying, 'it's darkest before the dawn.' We seem to be living that phrase as the country struggles with deciding who will be the United States' next president. The Biden campaign and the mainstream media continue the narrative that it's all over but the shoutin. We cannot give up hope.

The election is not over, and it will not be decided for a very long time. The Trump campaign is on the ground in several states doing their very best to expose the pro-Biden forces' lack of transparency. The media would like to declare Ole Joe the winner. They believe once a winner is declared, regardless of whether the election was rigged or not, folks will move on. We cannot move on!

Why have hope? Call it divine intervention. I can't help but think that the president will pull this victory out. Why? Remember, the media and the libs told us that a BIG blue way would wipe out president Trump and his nation of deplorables? Their prediction of Tuesday night's results was false.

The stakes are too high to walk away. The president has the support of the American people. In this ongoing drama, the big question is, will the elected Republicans in Congress and across the country stand with him? The president is as tough as nails. However, he needs Republicans to pressure states to open up their vote counting to the public.

In life, perception is reality. Conservatives must stand firm and not allow the media to decide this election.


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