We hear about it all the time.  Thieves that somehow tamper with ATM machines and gas pumps, so they can gain access to your cash.  Thankfully, the Meridian Police Department has recently arrested three would be robbers.A diligent Jackson's clerk noticed three men tampering with the gas pumps as the Jackson's Superstore on Goldstone Way in Meridian.  The unnamed clerk called Meridian Police describing the three men and the vehicle they were driving.

Meridian Police arrived on the scene and were given consent to search the van.  Upon conducting the search, police found equipment to get credit card information from the gas pumps.  An incriminating crow bar and numerous credit cards in all three suspects names were found.

The three suspects were bookd into the Ada County Jail.  They're charged with Grand Theft.  They are Yatsel ALEMAN-SANTANA (29) of Miami, Florida; Adrian ACOSTA-ALONSO  (29) of Miami, Florida and Carlos PINEDA-VERA (22) of Portland, Texas.

Meridian Police are investigating whether the trio is responsible for past credit card thefts at the Jackson's.  The investigation continues.




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