Why doesn't the mayor of Idaho's state capital have better things to do than embarrass an entire state?  Mayor Dave Bieter has succeeded in removing the Mississippi state flag from downtown Boise.  I'm so glad that he has once again shown how out of touch he is with local issues.  How far is Mississippi from Idaho?  Does anything that happen in Mississippi impact us here?  How would we like it the mayor of Biloxi decided that our state flag was offensive?

You would travel roughly two thousand and seventy-four miles if you were to visit the Magnolia State.  I doubt the folks in Jackson care what happens in Idaho.  They have better things to do than to judge arrogantly another state's flag.  If only Dave Bieter had the same restraint.

The mayor's office spokesperson said that the mayor thought that flying that flag sends the message that the City of Trees is unwelcoming.  Really?  That's the spin?  Come on!   Mike Journee told KTVB, "What it represents is not what we stand for as a city as a city government and what we believe our residents stand for."

Has Mayor Bieter traveled to Mississippi?  Maybe he has, what if he hasn't?  Does that diminish his credibility?  If the flag was so bad, then why has it been flying in front of city hall for years?  Surely someone would've put a stop to this before the Charleston killings?

The mayor may get a round of applause from his base in Boise, but not from the rest of the Gem State.  This move is a blatant attempt to jump on the take down the Confederate this or that throughout the country.  Sadly if the mayor had done his research, he would've found out that in 2001 the folks voted to keep their flag.  I know because I defended their decision on CNN.  I've been to Mississippi and understand their passion for their flag.  Do not look for the Mississippians to change their flag this time according to Time.

The lesson here is that effective Idaho mayors have better things to do than get cheap political points at the expense of another state.  I would like apologize to the good people of Mississippi for Mayor Bieter's actions.

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