I wanted to share with you my recent trip to see Dave Ramsey in Nashville.  Last week, I stopped by his headquarters and I was blown away.  Radio is theater of the mind and you never know if what we hear will live up to our visual expectations.   So Let me share with you my firsthand experience at Financial Peace Plaza.

Yes, there really is a building, actually several buildings, at the Franklin, Tennessee location.  I wondered whether or not folks do come in off the streets or from all over the country to share their debt free stories.  The answer is yes they do and they're greeted by a member of the staff.  I met Dorothy who runs the Dave Ramsey Espresso Shop.  Her cookies are awesome.

I could not believe how creative the working environment is at Dave's Headquarters.  I toured the entire campus.  I would recommend that if you're debt free, you need to go see Dave.  He shared a moment with me during a commercial break.  What a great guy!

I'd like to thank Dave and his staff for their time and hospitality.


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