It's that time of year, the good thing is we gain an hour on Sunday night. Daylight Saving time is ending.

We fall back one hour in the fall and that is happening this weekend at 2 AM on Sunday ( from Saturday night  into Sunday) and no bars do not adhere to the time change and 2 am is still 2 am to them. Many people argue about the need of Daylight Saving Time but for construction workers and farmers it provides some more flexibility with light outside and working.

Don't forget to make sure the clocks are changed, phones do it automatically mostly but I always forget to change things like the stove.

There is an actual "Daylight Saving time donut" Read this quote from an article in the NYTIMES :

“That means every summer, you have the Hopi Reservation with standard time, surrounded by the Navajo Reservation with daylight time, surrounded by the state of Arizona in standard time,”


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