It's the day before Super Tuesday and another Democrat moderate has dropped out of the presidential race.  US Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota has pulled the plug on her presidential campaign to endorse former Vice President Joe Biden.  She was the third Democrat to leave the field after the results of the South Carolina Presidential Primary.  She joins former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg and billionaire candidate Tom Steyer.

The Hill reports that Buttigieg will endorse Biden following the lead of Klobuchar who endorsed Biden after ending her campaign Monday.  The recent dropouts create a problem for voters that will vote or have voted in Super Tuesday states.  Published reports have stated that many voters want a 'do over' because their candidate has dropped out.  The LA Times reports that some voters would like to vote for their 'second choice.'  Unfortunately, that won't be the case during Super Tuesday voting.

Some voters are wondering why high profile candidates like Klobuchar and Buttiege would leave the trail within a few days of the biggest primary on the calendar?  Whether it's Joe Biden or the corporate Democrat class, they have realized that Bernie Sanders has to be stopped.  They're desperately wanting the race to be a two-man race between the Socialist Sanders and Biden.

Sanders has told the media this is an established effort to stop his campaign.  He charged that they're nervous and vows to win big on Super Tuesday.


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