The latest incident of road rage in Idaho involves a deputy tasing a senior citizen. As the Summer driving season heats up, we can sadly expect more and more drivers to act erratically. The latest incident happened in Gooding County, reports

A Gooding County deputy is being investigated and suspended following the arrest of a 78-year-old man. John Hall, the senior citizen suspect, was detained for allegedly brandishing a gun while trying to run a truck off the road. The truck driver followed the vehicle to his home in Wendell and called the police, says

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Police arrived on the scene, tased two men with a stun gun, and put Mr. Hall on the ground. His face was bloodied from the takedown and is visible in photographs. His grandson films the take down, and the video is laced with profanity from the observers. (You can see the video by clicking the link to

The irony of the incident is that Mr. Hall's wife was arrested for interfering with the officers trying to arrest the Halls. She was released later after making the bond for her charge.  

This incident is another example of road rage that will only increase during the Summer months. Warmer weather equals higher speeds throughout the Gem State. Law enforcement agencies from across the state continue to warn Idahoans about the dangers of aggressive driving. Periodically they declare a month to stop aggressive driving by using more resources.  

An outside law enforcement agency is investigating the deputy involved in the incident. It is important to remember that we all have a responsibility to keep ourselves safe on the roads.  

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