Friday morning, we had a young lady call in to complain about an issue at a local Idaho high school in Meridian. The mother said that her son had started a chapter of the Turning Point USA organization. I took a look at the Turning Point USA web site and found the story here.

According to the author, Morgan Zegers is the founder and CEO of Young Americans Against Socialism, Teachers at Mountain View High School in Boise, Idaho, have successfully campaigned for the school’s Turning Point USA chapter to be banned, claiming the chapter’s Instagram content was causing “disruption to the staff and educational setting.”

Mountain View High School is in Meridian, not Boise. The rest of the article was hard-hitting opinion-based. We've reached out to Mountain View High School for their side of the story. We will publish their response when it becomes available.  

We did ask the mother of the students if they would join us to discuss their experience with us on KIDO Talk Radio.  The issue of censorship continues to dominate the local and national headlines.  Several news outlets have begun to advocate to eliminate Fox News from television distribution.

Social media giants such as Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter have said they will pull articles that they deem untrue.  Recently, Parlor an alternative to Twitter, was yanked off Apple, Google and Amazon pulled their web hosting.  Parlor vows that they will return to the web soon.

Join us on the Kevin Miller Show from 5am-10am as we continue to cover this topic.


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