Okay, if it's on Twitter, it must be accurate, and for many of us who monitor Twitter incessantly, we saw the images of the president's vehicle on the majestic blue turf of Boise State.

The ideas seeped throughout the social media world on Sunday before President Biden visited Boise.  So did the President Biden visit the Blue after his mic was cut off by the White House.

The answer to that question is no; he didn't visit Boise State. So why were members of the United States Secret Service along with the president's limo known at 'The Beast?' We'll breakdown the crazy dimensions of the vehicle in a minute.

Does it appear the Secret Service wanted to check out the Blue? Perhaps it was part of their protocols to drive the motorcade around the stadium posing for pictures, shooting videos with Buster and Doctor Tromp, and touring Albertson's Stadium. Does it beg the question, is taking the presidential detail out for a spin the best use of our taxes?



How much did it cost in time and human resources to tour the Blue? Perhaps one of our friends in the media will pose those questions to the Secret Service? Back to The Beast, let's go under the hood of one of the world's most famous vehicles. Leftlanenews provides a few details that we'll share with you.

The Beast has its entourage, including its plane. It starts as a Cadillac then is modified with rumored 8-inch armor. The tires are of a Kevlar grade, while the trunk contains everything from oxygen to firefighting equipment. We don't know the gas mileage of Biden's ride, although it is a diesel that can fit up to seven passengers.  

President Biden Arrives in Boise

President Biden is greeted by protesters during his visit to Boise, Idaho.

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