A dispute involving KTVB's parent company Tegna and DISH has caused many DISH subscribers to lose access to Channel Seven's local programming. If this story sounds familiar, KTVB had the same issue with Direct TV last December, which we covered here.  

Channel Seven is an NBC Affiliate. Folks turn to watch their favorite national shows, but I look forward to the local personalities. What does that mean for us? Well, we won't see the big national shows from NBC. I will not miss Chuck Todd and liberal NBC News.

I'm missing Larry Gebert and the local commitment that channel seven has shown to the state of Idaho. I don't know how to spend my 5 pm hour without talking back to Brian Holmes and the 208. National shows are great, but it's the local folks that live here who make a difference.

You can read all about the dispute between Tenga and DISH here.  We hope that the dispute involving payment fees will eventually be resolved. Once again, we can participate in significant charitable events like Seven Cares Day.  

You can get channel seven over the air, on cable, or through another satellite provider. However, local broadcasters pride themselves on serving their local communities. It would be nice to resolve these significant money disputes without pulling the plug on the local affiliate. Commercial broadcasters have a dual responsibility to serve their communities and their sponsors.  

The digital revolution has allowed viewers the freedom to watch their favorite national programs on various devices. However, local broadcasters deserve the opportunity to serve their communities uninterrupted.  

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