It appears the record amount of construction could be the cause of a record amount of vehicles getting flat tires in the Treasure Valley. Tire dealers in our area tell us that they can't keep up with demand.

Most flats are from nails that we see many due to the massive amounts of commercial and residential construction. One downtown tire dealer told us that they'd seen a record amount of repairs mainly from nails in tires.

So far, there hasn't been a reported shortage of tires like we've seen in the building supply industry. We reached out to another tire repair shop, who shared that we have more people and cars on the roads than ever before in the Treasure Valley. The more vehicles on the road mean that they'll have more flat tires to be fixed. Another tire dealer told us, "if you have a flat, get it fixed."

If you're wondering how to change a flat tire, you can click the link here. Or call AAA. What happens if you have to buy a new tire or tires?  Consumer Reports breaks down what to look for and what you'll get for your money.  Remember, tire safety is essential to getting to and from wherever you're going in one piece.

It is also important to maintain your tires by getting your vehicle properly aligned and keeping your tires properly inflated.  Either overinflated or underinflated tires can impact your safety, comfort, and ride.   Here's a quick guide to buying tires from AARP.  Finding the right size, learning the lingo, looking at a warranty, and just a few of the tips when looking for new wheels.

Good luck on the roads and hopefully you'll avoid the flats.

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