Murder suspect Tim Kinner entered a plea of not guilty this week. Kinner, charged with murder, assault, and numerous other charges that occurred on June 30th in Boise. The crime made national media and rallied an entire community supporting the victims.

In the past, Mr. Kinner has said that police violated 'his rights' while arresting him. There's no doubt in our minds that Mr. Kinner will receive a fair trial. However, should he?

The Ada County Prosecutors will try this case in the media. They're a group of dedicated public servants that will work till justice is served in this case.

What is justice? Could Kinner save the state, the community, and the families of the victims' further agony, if he pleads guilty and accepts punishment for the actions he's accused of committing?

In my opinion, that would be my definition of justice. Someone accepting responsibility for their alleged heinous actions.

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