You'd think that we live in the best of times. The economy is recovering, more Americans are working, and the stock market is going through the roof. However, if you watch the news we're inundated with nonstop stories of racism, divisiveness, and other issues, you'd think the country was falling apart. Let's not forget continuous coverage of the solar eclipse.
These are all distraction that derails our country from two significant challenges that have been kicked down the road by previous administrations.
North Korea continues to threaten the safety of the United States. And unlike the statues of the former Confederates, the Kim Regime is nuclear and unstable.
Afghanistan is back in the news tonight due to the president announcing his major new initiative. It is America's longest war, and no side seems to have an answer on how to solve it. Afghanistan is important because we do not want to give any terrorist group a haven or repeat what happened after we left Iraq.
These two issues are what's important to the future of our country. We can air and re-air the endless discussions on race and our history. It would be refreshing to see people take to the streets concerned about our safety and future as opposed to refighting the Civil War.
The media owes it to the American public to begin its focus on North Korea and Afghanistan. Perhaps if they did their job correctly, people would figure out the real challenges Americans have to face.

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