Why months after the most significant election in our lifetime, the national media continues to get it wrong about President Trump.  Saturday was a day that most of us were happy that the sun was shining and the Boise River was not flooding.  The rest of the country was tuned getting a chance to view to Americas.

The first involved the annual White House Correspondent's Dinner. A gaggle of elite reporters and Hollywood activists who deride Republicans and embrace Democrats. The Libs demand that conservatives sit there and take the insults. Most comply and try to make the most of out an uncomfortable evening.

Not President Trump. He declined the invitation and called out the event for what it was, a night that had no positive ramifications. The president went to the real America. In this case, Harrisburg Pennsylvania. He was greeted by thousands of supporters who at the end of the night chanted, ' CNN Sucks.

Trump was using old fashioned common sense. Why would anyone in their right mind want to be a part of making jokes when people are worried about jobs, healthcare, and North Korea?

The national media may continue the facade of covering the news and wonder why people do not trust them. Or they can take a lesson from President Trump and work to solve our problems.

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