The polls led by their media masters say the election is over. They say Joe Biden, who has trouble pronouncing words, along with the radical Kamala Harris from California will be the next president and vice president Tuesday night.  On the eve of the election, Former Vice President Joe Biden is leading President Donald Trump by 10 points nationally according to the final NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. It found 52% of registered voters support Biden versus 42% for Trump. Six-in-10 voters said the country is on the wrong track under the Trump administration and a majority disapproved of the President's handling of the pandemic. More than 92 million Americans have already cast their ballots.

To quote Conservative Steve, 'has any poll ever favored a Republican presidential candidate before an election?'  The liberal media wants to depress the conservative vote to make tomorrow's election the 'self-fulfilling prophesy.'  Which is a term used in education that says if you repeat something enough, it becomes a reality.  Although under-reported, the president is moving in the right direction.

Hispanics, across the country and in Florida, are voting for the president in record numbers.  Usually, a republican is lucky to get 10% of the Latino vote.  President Trump looks to garner double or event triple that vote.  A large Republican vote for the president in Florida brings that swing state home.

What's surprising about the president's appeal to Latino voters is that the democrats have been courting them for years.  Hispanics make up a significant amount of the democratic base.  North Carolina, Florida, and Texas have large numbers of Latino Americans.  If they break off from the Democrats to vote for President Trump, it's game over for Biden and Harris.


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