Remember when lawmakers introduced the 'National No Call List?'  The list was suppose to protect us from robo calls, phone scammers, and annoying collections folks.  Several years later, 'one has to ask, how's that worked out for us?'

Instead of going the way of the rotary dial and the home phone, scammers continue to find away to harass consumers and their efforts to take your money.  Hold on just a minute before you hit that call back button!

According to the FCC, there's a new scam and if you're too quick it could cost you.  The FCC warns these, so-called "One Ring," calls attempt to coerce users into calling back - only resulting in toll charges - such as with 900 numbers.The scam can strike in the middle of the night, often calling numerous times, and hanging up after one or two rings.

USA Today reports, robo callers typically call specific area codes repeatedly, often late at night. The latest wave of calls, the FCC says, are using the “222” country code of the West African nation of Mauritania. "This is a concerning trend and consumers should not call back if they receive such calls,” deputy press secretary Will Wiquist said.

The FCC says don't answer and don't call back.Do you answer calls from people you don't know? Do you only call back if they leave a legitimate voicemail message?


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