The national media will focus the legal spotlight on Boise next week. No, the media will not be covering Boise State football or the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic. The story that will draw attention to our area is a horrible story that, unfortunately, has captured the hearts and minds of the true crime community.

Lori Vallow, an attractive mother who folks have described as the 'Doomsday Mom,' will be on trial for the murders of her son JJ, her teen daughter Tylee, and Tammy Daybell. Tammy Daybell was married to Chad, who married Lori after Tammy's death.

The most important aspect of the case is the ability of this defendant to get a fair trial. Most of us could never imagine the cold-hearted ruthlessness involving the deaths of those three victims.

Thankfully the judge made the right decision in not allowing cameras and a gag order in this case. There is no merit in having Lori Vallow's image shown to Idaho and across the country while she's on trial for murder. She is an accused killer and should not be put on a national pedestal.

The jurors of Ada County have an enormous responsibility to determine Mrs. Vallow's innocence or guilt. The media attention would only distract jurors from their civic duty, which should be done without any attention. The victims, their families, and Mrs. Vallow's fate depend on their objectivity.

The eyes of the nation are upon us; we know that every Idahoan will step up to the legal challenge.

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