Phil Robertson, Kay Robertson, Alan Robertson, and Lisa Robertson spoke at the Idaho Center Saturday night as guests of Lawrence and Donna Denney.   If you missed it, they rocked the house.  The Robertson clan lived up to their top rated television show with wit, incite, and that humor that has made A&E's Duck Dynasty must see TV.  (Just writing that phrase reminds me of the old Cosby Show that espoused family values.  Except the Huxtabull family was fiction and the Robertsons are real.)

That realness was evident in their Happy, Happy, Happy event Saturday.  The performance was really two shows billed as one.  Fans of Duck Dynasty laughed and enjoyed Allan, Kay, and Lisa spinning their stories of life before and during the TV series.  Kay stole the show as she spoke with a mother's grace about her families ups and downs.

Fans who weren't familiar with Lisa were glued to her admission of infidelity and Alan's forgiveness which the Louisiana couple credit with strengthening their marriage.  The highlight of the first half was their correlating family members with Labrador Retrievers.  Each son has a Lab label.  I'm still laughing at the description of Uncle Si as a lovable loyal unique Lab.

They attributed their success to work ethic, family, and faith in God.  In a world that places so much value on accumulating material goods, the Robertsons showed a genuine love for one another whether down on the Bayou or being multi millionaires.  Those unfamiliar with the families earlier struggles listened intently as Kay and Alan described their early struggles with Phil.  It took great courage to reveal so much personal detail that moved the Idaho Center crowd.

Part two was the Phil Robertson Show featuring a loud Phil describing traditional American and Christian values.  Critics of Robertson should listen to his words and his historical citations before they condemn the Duck Commander.  The speech featured quotes referencing the founding fathers and their love of God and Guns.  Liberals would be shocked by Robertson's defense of Christian values. It was part rally, part revival, and all Robertson.

Phil Robertson spoke fondly of Lawrence Denney and urged the crowd to vote for ol Denney for secretary of state.  The event started with Lawrence Denney speaking to the crowd about how long he's known the Robertsons and that his daughter works for them.

A big thank you to the Denney Family for their commitment in bringing the Robertsons to Idaho.  Whether it was the humor of Kay or the passion of Phil, Idaho will be rocking for quite some time because of their message.




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