A doctor in Texas is gaining attention for the photo you see above.  Despite continued public pleas by elected and medical officials, the doctor urges everyone to take the Covid Virus seriously.  . Dr. Joseph Varon at United Memorial Medical Center in Houston said it's been gut-wrenching helping patients deal with the virus alone without their families.  The doctor told CNN he has been working nonstop in the Covid Ward for 256 straight days.


But, he offered up a solution: Mask Up. Socially Distance. Stay Home. "People are out there in bars, restaurants, malls -- it is crazy -- it's like we work, work, work, work, work, and people don't listen and then they end up in my ICU."

Doctor Varon's comments echo what health officials have been saying across the country since March.  Their statements have not helped some folks who believe that masks mandates are an infringement on their liberties.

He shared with CNN the personal costs of working with folks who are isolated and away from their families.  "As I'm going inside my Covid unit I see that this elderly patient is out of his bed and trying to get out of the room and he's crying. So, I get close to him and I tell him 'why are you crying' and the man says, 'I want to be with my wife'," Varon said. "So, I just grab him, I hold him, I did not know that I was being photographed at that time."

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