This is the weekend college football fans have been waiting for and dreading.  Championship Saturday is upon us.  Boise State has a chance to win the Mountain West outright.  So why are only 20,000 tickets sold for the game?  Is it the opponent?  No Fresno State has been a strong rival to the Broncos for years.  The Fresno Fans want nothing better than to have the 'Red Wave' win on the Blue.

Is it the price of tickets?  No, ticket prices are only $40.00 for the good seats.  Half of what they cost for regular season games at Albertson's Stadium.

Is it the team?  Nope, the Broncos have shown the ability to rally after a few rough losses early in the season.

If not those factors listed above, then why are players, coaches, the media, and administrators begging fans to go to the game?  The answer if the one foe or friend for that matter that the Broncos will never beat; it's the four letter network known as ESPN.

ESPN?  How can ESPN hurt Boise State?  Hasn't the network been a partner to the Blue in making it a national brand?  The answer is Yes, and that's the problem.

The game will be televised on ESPN Saturday Night at 5:45pm MT.  If you can watch the game at home, why would anyone want to go out in the cold?  Televising the matchup hurts attendance not just in Idaho, but everywhere.

The more ESPN and others broadcast from the Blue; the fewer folks are inclined to pay to fight the cold.  Now the networks have been good for BSU's bottom line.  The football department has benefited from the revenue generated from the broadcast's rights fees.

Don't expect the situation to change anytime in the future.  The more popular a team becomes, the more chances for the program to be televised.


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